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The Rustic and the Nightingale: Week 12 Story

In a garden filled with beautiful plants, grew a rose tree. This rose tree was the most beautiful thing in the garden. It grew roses that smelled so rich. It was the Rustic's greatest pride. Each morning, the Rustic would walk in his garden, through the beautiful flowers, and go to the rose tree. He would bring fresh water to pour onto the rose tree. One morning, as he was bringing out the fresh water for the rose tree, he noticed something. A bird. A nightingale. The nightingale was perched upon one of the branches of the rose tree. The Rustic watched as the bird bounced around from branch to branch. But then, he saw the bird pull out a rose and pick the petals off of it. The ground was covered in petals that the bird tore off. This infuriated the Rustic.  The next day, the Rustic set a snare to catch the nightingale. He wanted to punish the bird that was tarnishing the most prized possession in his garden. When the Rustic came out again he had saw that his trap worked. The nighti

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